Beauty | DFMA Make Up Bar💄

I have never had my make up professionally done so when I was invited down to the new DFMA make up bar in Westbourne, I was very excited but I also did not know what to expect.

I’m not going to lie, I was nervous as I was making my way to the store, although not really sure why. However, when I arrived I was instantly put at ease. Both Laura and Louise greeted me and I was offered a drink and given a run down of what would happen during my appointment with them.

The interior of DFMA is very simple and classy. There are 12 stations, each one supplied with their own light up mirror and a huge island in the middle of the store. There is also a ring light and a full length mirror with a DFMA backdrop which is perfect for those all important selfies once the make up look is complete. The entire store screams professionalism and the staff are lovely.

Laura & I ran through a few make up looks, I knew that I really wanted a bold eye as that would bring out my blue eyes and we settled on a copper blend which has quickly become my new favourite look! I’ll be honest, I have no knowledge of make up so I did let Laura take over and do what she thought was best for my face. Lashes come as an optional extra with the makeover at no extra cost so I went for a full strip of lashes to really complete the bold eye I was going for and I absolutely loved it!

I was given a full list of the products used which will be super helpful next time I go make up shopping.

DFMA offer this makeover on Saturdays and you can book your own for just £35 through their Facebook page. I could not recommend this place more but if you need more convincing then check out Liz & Emma‘s makeover as well!

L xx

*I was gifted this makeover in exchange for a review. All words and pictures are my own*

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