VIP Casino Experience

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Casino? Gambling? Addiction? Waste of money? – We were kindly invited down to our local Grosvenor Casino* to gain an insight into just how fun, exciting and different a night at the Casino could be. I’m not a gambling person, but I do know how to play most of the Casino games and I have visited a fair few times in the past, however it is not somewhere I would go to feed an addiction. It has always been a place of fun for me and Grosvenor always exceed my expectations every time I visit.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely Molly, she was so accommodating and lovely throughout the entire evening. Answering all questions we may have had and generally being a wonderful host to all of us. Once we had all arrived we were shown to the downstairs bar area, with it being a Wednesday evening when we visited, we had the entire bar to ourselves and we had the full attention of the bartender (which was good as we all wanted to record/take pictures of him making all the cocktails). Unexpectedly, we were invited to try the cocktails from the menu completely complimentary. Unfortunately for me I was driving so was unable to try more than one, the Strawberry Daiquiri I did have was exquisite though.

In the midst of the cocktail making a few of us took the time to ask a few questions regarding the establishment and we learnt that gambling safely is a must in a Grosvenor Casino. Grosvenor ALWAYS put their customers welfare before their business and they help customers seek advice/help with regards to safe and fun gambling when they feel they need it. They are also not afraid to remove someone from the situation should they feel that things are out of control. This shines such a positive light on a company that you may assume are all out to make profit without a second thought to the customers financial state. I was very impressed with their open honesty surrounding this situation as it does play a huge part in running a Casino and can be an extremely difficult conversation to have with customers. Grosvenor continue to go a step further to look after any person who walks through their doors.

Once we were finished at the bar, we moved on to the Sports Lounge. This area had such a relaxing vibe to it. It is downstairs and completely separate from the Casino floor upstairs, they had full access to the bar and the projector screens on the wall were the perfect size for the area they were in and paired nicely with their state of the art surround system. There is a schedule on the wall with which sports will be showing on which days/times, however I also learnt that they are more than happy to accommodate to the customers wants and can stray from the schedule if need be. It’s great that they have that flexibility with the Sports Lounge.

Leading on from the Sports Lounge, just before you bead up to the Casino floor, there is a private Casino room. This is where you would be if you were to host a private function at the Casino. This area had all the games tables and the slot machine games at the back, you could also have live music and you would have your own personal croupiers throughout the evening. Grosvenor hosts events for a number of different occasions; birthdays, Christmas parties etc. I have actually attended a night out at the Casino that my work organised 3 years ago and even my memory of that night was superb.

We were then lead upstairs and shown to the Poker area. We were kindly asked not to take pictures whilst on the Casino floor out of respect to the customers playing for money. There were a number of tables within this room and we learnt that you could hire these tables for either a friendly or serious game of Poker with friends. There would be an employee of the Casino sat at your table dealing the cards for you and overseeing the game as it progressed.

Now onto the restaurant, I absolutely love the Casino food! I wanted to try something I had not tried before so I went for the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail for starters and the Smoky Boneless Beef Ribs with Bourbon Glaze for main.

I cannot fault the food, everything looked incredible upon arrival and nothing was too much trouble. They even strayed from the menu in order to offer gluten free food for the member of our party that required it! Waiter service was outstanding throughout the evening and the Head Chef even came out at the end of the meal to ensure our food was up to standard. Little touches like that complete the entire experience for me!

We were then shown to the Casino floor and Jordan, our croupier, was to teach us how to play Roulette & Blackjack. Roulette is a game that I have played a number of times in the past and is my favourite Casino game for sure. Essentially you would place a bet on a specific number or a specific section of the table (1st, 2nd or 3rd 12, red or black, high or low numbers etc) and then the ball is spun in the roulette wheel and the number that the ball lands on is the winning number for that bet. Roulette is purely based on luck rather than strategy like a card game would be. Jordan was very good at explaining the rules and we held a friendly competition between us all with Harrison ending up being the winner!

We then moved on to BlackJack (is also called 21). The object of the game is to get as close to the number 21 as possible and essentially beat the Dealer. Ciara did the best at this game! I did record part of the evening and included it in my Weekly Vlog so please go and check that out.

At the end of the evening we also learnt that you can buy package deals for nights out at the Casino which I was not aware of, the current packages are as follows:-

The Celebration Package – £20 pp

Includes a 2 course meal (party menu), a drink and a free £5 bet each.

Full House Experience – £30pp

Includes a 3 course meal, a drink, £5 free bet and £5 free on the slots.

Straight Flush Experience – £15pp

Includes a bar meal or a selection of sharers, a drink and a £5 win bet.

Poker Party – £15pp

Includes a bar meal or a selection of sharers, a drink and two hours of personalised poker.

Cinema Meal Deal (Sun-Thurs only) – £17.50pp

Includes a 2 course set menu meal, a drink and an Odeon cinema ticket.

They also have an upcoming Valentines Evening special for £19.95pp. This includes Prosecco on arrival, 3 course special menu and truffles and coffee!

The Grosvenor is more than just a place to go for a quick cheeky bet, it can be a lovely evening out with friends or with a partner. Remember, please do gamble responsibly and if you feel you need help, please seek it. All staff members at the Grosvenor are there to talk to and help in these situations!

L xx

*Complimentary evening at the Casino in exchange for my honest review. All photos are my own.

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