Lifestyle | I Met Conor Maynard😍

October 13th finally came around after what seemed like years of waiting (it was only 5 weeks I waited) and it was incredible! I’ve been a fan of Conor Maynard since his first single ‘Can’t Say No’ back in 2012 but more so in the last year as he has produced more and more covers (which are all amazing by the way – check them out here), so when I saw that he was coming to my hometown for a live PA there was no doubt in mind that I was going to this event!

The event was hosted by a club called Halo, which is a converted church in Bournemouth Town Centre. The venue was perfect because no matter where you are in this club, you have such a clear view of the stage so you’ll never miss anything that is happening. 

We arrived at the club at 9:30 and queued for 30 minutes before the doors opened, we then found out that it would only cost £5 extra at the door to upgrade to VIP for the evening (Bonus!) which we were obviously going to do in hopes that we’d get closer to Conor before the night was over. 

At about 11:30 a guy walked past everyone in VIP and down the stairs to the dancefloor and then all of a sudden he was surrounded by loads of people and I realised that it was Michael Pearce (if you don’t know who that is, it’s one of Conor’s close friends, he also has a youtube channel which you can check out  here). 

I ran down the stairs and managed to get a picture with him, he was so lovely and took the time to say hello & take pictures with so many people!
Conor came on stage just after 1am. We had a perfect spot in VIP on the balcony right above the stage! I did film the majority of the performance which you can find on my youtube channel 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 Louise Bodle X

After his performance, we went over to his VIP table that his friends were sat at and he came out to join everyone after 15 minutes or so. There was security surrounding the table and everyone was trying to get close to be able to meet him!

He came over to us all and I asked for a picture and I told him that his performance was amazing, he said ‘thank-you’ and gave me a hug 😍!

It was such an incredible night and I’d love to be able to put it on repeat forever. Definitely will be going to the next event he does in Bournemouth!

Until next time, bye 👋🏻👋🏻 xx


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